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No doubt that beside pizza and spaghetti, an imaginary tricolor of Italian gastronomy would include artisan gelato, another genuine and traditional product of Italy that tempts gluttons of all ages and nationality. Its worldwide popularity constantly leads to several imitations, but nothing will ever compare to real Italian gelato.

Any attempt to adapt the recipes to the peculiar habits of each Country spoils the features of the real Italian ice cream, particularly its three basic characteristics:

Freshness: it means that the ice cream is produced and sold the same day, without undergoing treatments aiming to extend its conservation for months.

Flavors Ice Cream

Genuineness: it can be achieved only by using natural raw materials such as fresh milk, sugar, cream, eggs, fresh fruit and high-quality semi-finished products.

Softness: it is the result of an accurate process, respectful of traditions and sanitary regulations. According to these principles, Geldue collaborates with artisan ice-cream makers by providing them with natural products, together with fruit pastes, traditional pastes and different decorations obtained with selected raw materials.

Undoubtedly, gelato is a healthy dessert for many reasons: it is a source of calcium, it contains vitamins and proteins and therefore, it is a complete food, suitable for all ages.

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