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The real Italian artisan gelato could spring form your hands, at your place, wherever in the world…


Because this business is extremely profitable and the Return on the investment (ROI) is in a very short term.
Moreover, current technologies makes gelato production very easy, particularly using our Geldue products, following our recipes resulting from over 30-year experience and passion.
Who is the one picking the best machines and equipment for you? Studying your lay-out? Organizing your laboratory and your shop? Training your staff? Estimating costs/revenues, etc.?

Geldue will support you in this new and profitable business, from A to Z, presenting different customized offers: machines, equipments, furniture, raw materials and high quality products, promotional materials and whatever you need to launch into this new fantastic experience.
Our commercial staff could carry out customized Business Plan, Feasibility Studies, etc., professionally, nothing by chance.

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